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The Institute of Law and Society calls on the special services of Ukraine, the United States, Great Britain and Israel to investigate the activities of Hontareva

16:23 25 January 20185413
The Institute of Law and Society calls on the special services of Ukraine, the United States, Great Britain and Israel to investigate the activities of Hontareva

Today, January 25, 2018, a press conference of the Institute of Law and Society on the topic "Ukrainian financial corruption: international challenges and dangers" has been held. During the event, the Institute's experts presented an analysis of documents and facts of several episodes involving high-ranking officials, which testify to high-level corruption in Ukraine, as well as its international character.

President of the Institute of Law and Society Yuri Karmazin said that he considers Valeriya Hontareva the main corruptor in Ukraine. This is due to the fact that the main and important role is played by the Head of the National Bank of Ukraine in all corruption episodes analyzed by the Institute.

A number of documents fell into the hands of experts that are of interest not only for law enforcement bodies of Ukraine, but also for relevant bodies of the United States and individual EU countries. There is a consulting agreement and a memorandum of understanding among these documents. An analysis of these documents points to the close cooperation of Valeriya Hontareva, Head of the National Bank of Ukraine, with Elliott Broidy, the Financial Chairman of the Republican Party of the United States and former Vice President of the campaign of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump. It should be noted that the first deputy head of the Russian VTB bank, that is in the US sanctions list, Yuri Solovyov is also involved in this cooperation.

According to the analyzed materials, Elliott Broidy and his company Broidy Capital Management entered into an agreement with Quillas Equities S.A., a corporation operating under the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands and owned by Solovyov. Broidy Capital Management provides consulting services to Quillas Equities and its subsidiaries, which include Hontareva’s Investment Capital Ukraine (ICU) and VTB Bank. In fact, this means that an American citizen, who was previously convicted of fraud, entered into an agreement with a Russian bank under American sanctions. Hontareva's connection with Soloviev also outrages whose countries are, in fact, at war. Nevertheless, Hontareva's relations with the Russian Federation were not embarrassed by the Ukrainian special services and the President of Ukraine when appointing her to one of the highest positions in Ukraine.

The consultancy agreement states that Elliott Broidy should provide an assessment of the political and economic situation in the US and protect the interests of ICU and VTB companies before US politicians and institutions. Based on this, the Institute of Law and Society appealed to the US authorities with a number of questions and requests:

1. Is Elliott Broidy and the related companies registered with the US Lobby Register? If so, then what kind of actions and for whom had lobbying in the US been carried out by Mr. Broidy?
2. Did Mr. Broidy and his associated companies conduct lobbying activities that went beyond registered lobbying, including by order of Hontareva and related companies in the interests of Russian companies that are under sanctions?
3. Was the investigation of the facts of cooperation between US citizen Elliott Broidy and companies under US sanctions conducted?
4. Check whether Elliott Broidy has received orders from Valeria Hontareva and related companies for contact and interaction with US government organizations and US officials.
5. Check whether Elliott Broidy and his companies took part in the transfer of assets of President Poroshenko's company ROSHEN to the blind trust that was accompanied by ICU. And are there any signs of money laundering in these actions?
6. To verify the use of financial assistance to overcome corruption, which comes to the authorities from international institutions.

Continuing the topic of close cooperation of Ukrainian officials with Russian individuals and companies, the Institute's experts provided information that several employees of the National Bank of Ukraine were connected to Russian banks in one way or another. At the press conference, a record of the conversation between the Deputy Head of the NBU Catherine Rozhkova and the Head of the Board of VTB Bank Ukraine Konstantin Vaysman was demonstrated, that testifies to the protection of the interests of the Russian bank by NBU employees. Also, schemes of connections of other employees with such Russian banks as VTB, Vnesheconombank, Sberbank of Russia, Russian Standard Bank were presented. All these employees previously held high positions in these banks.

The experts also reported on the results of their analysis of the probable mediation of the ICU group in the transfer of securities of the Agrarian Fund for the amount of USD 250 million to Brokbusinessbank, owned by Sergei Kurchenko, on the night of 12-13 February 2014. The business of Hontareva was one of the main actors in this transaction. The Hontareva’s company transferred to the bank of Kurchenko securities of about 250 million dollars. Brokbusinessbank concluded a similar deal with the National Bank of Ukraine. He sold the bonds and got cash. In 17 days, the National Bank of Ukraine, run by Stepan Kubiv, declared Brokbusinessbank as insolvent. As a result of this scheme, significant losses were incurred to the budget of Ukraine. It is worth noting that the money laundering took place in those days when there were murders of citizens of Ukraine on the Maidan.

Thus, experts of the Institute of Law and Society believe that Valeria Hontareva's activity has a significant negative impact on the Ukrainian economy and contains signs that can be classified as financial corruption of the international level. And in this regard, the Institute of Law and Society has a number of questions to the relevant bodies of Ukraine:

1. Does Valeriya Hontareva have connections with foreign lobbyists?
2. Why does Hontareva, being the Head of the NBU, lobby the interests of the companies of the aggressor country (VTB Bank, Alfa Bank, BM Bank)?
3. How was Hontareva appointed to the post of Head of the National Bank of Ukraine, considering that she had a conflict of interests with the person who submitted her to the appointment (President of Ukraine), since her company acted as an intermediary in the transfer of shares of ROSHEN in a blind trust?
4. Why did not Hontareva be dismissed nine months after her resignation? And what kind of legal status does she have, given that she has been on vacation for 9 months?

The Institute experts expressed their hope that the relevant bodies of the United States, Britain and the European Union will pay attention to these facts, check them and react accordingly.

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